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GRAND-PM Pocket PC Application

The GRAND-PM Pocket PC application is a great productivity improvement addition to GRAND-PM Computerized Maintenance Management System.

The Major Benefits are:

Eliminate Paperwork

No need to print work orders on paper! The PM or inspection work orders are downloaded to a Pocket PC handheld device. The work orders on the Pocket PC are grouped by type of equipment, enabling a technician to easily select the equipment list to work on at the start of the work shift.

Save Time

A technician carries the Pocket PC, scans the equipment ID bar code; performs the work and with the single click of the stylus closes the work order. The dates and times of all the work orders closed during the work shift are stored in the Pocket PC and automatically uploaded to the GRAND-PM database through the USB cradle. No time-consuming work order closing procedure has to be performed.

Eliminate Data Entry Errors

Using GRAND-PM Pocket PC application eliminates data entry by a user and the application automatically keeps track of the time spent on the service of every piece of equipment. Using an integrated bar code scanner makes it impossible for a technician to mistake one piece of equipment for another. The data input eliminates user errors or mistaken typos.

Tracking Equipment Repairs with Pocket PC Application

In addition to Preventive Maintenance and Inspections, the GRAND-PM Pocket PC application works very well for tracking equipment repairs (unscheduled work). A technician can scan the equipment ID bar code, select the type of problem encountered (from the pull-down menu), and optionally even enter the description of work. The work orders entered into the Pocket PC handheld are synchronized with GRAND-PM database through the USB cradle.